INSTRUCTIONS TO EMPLOYER Complete Sections II and III and return to applicant. Wisconsin Department of Public Instruction EMPLOYMENT VERIFICATION Phone Number 800 266-1027 or 608 266-1027 Website tepdl.dpi. wi. gov PI-1613 Rev. 01-14 This form is available at tepdl.dpi. wi. gov/licensing/supplementary-forms To the Applicant Complete Section I print or type and then send to your employer district administrator or personnel director for completion of Sections II and III. INSTRUCTIONS TO...
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How do you go to the hiring vetting process to say a higher 30 or 50 staff number of people who will be involved in the stuff are there any concerns about the predispositions of people who will be the eyes the judgement dominates we require them to meet the same criteria that our staff does which is a statutory criteria in addition what we've done is we've worked with several temporary service agencies and those agencies were instructed that no one who signed the recall petition should be referred to us and no one who's made a political contribution to a partisan campaign in the last 12 months those we have the same restrictions on our staff in terms of signing petitions it's part of our code of conduct but also statutory provisions that the staff has to be nonpartisan one of the definitions as political contributions when we interview them those questions are asked again as far as contributions we match them up against our database as well and why are you get 30 Tim sentence is it that you want we've been told its heart the people who sign the petition makes it difficult that screens a lot of people out in the Madison area it seems like that's an abridgment of people's right to petition their government has that been a concern or illegal your own company it's the same criteria that applies to our staff that applies to the people you're going to work here you're required to be nonpartisan going to work here you required not to sign political doesn't not signing in this situation possibly pose the political affiliation not necessarily i think that focuses on bear in mind we're only looking at one point nine million signatures out of 4.3 voting age population there's a lot of people and our concern is that the people who review this I think more damage can be done by someone not looking at something that should be struck if you take that consideration someone's got a vested interest in keeping signatures but any decision that's going to get struck is going to get reviewed by a professional stage so if you have someone who may have partisan feelings that they want to act on inappropriately that's going to be reviewed by our staff